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Ltd. Sistrom

The sale of concrete building and finishing materials production technology.

Since 1991 the scientific and industrial company Sistrom successfully invents and offers to the market the technologies which enable to turn ordinary cement and sand into surface tile with surface structure and strength of marble. They also create finishing materials from bricks, building blocks and even from heat insulation materials. This unique technology was patented in Russia, Poland and Czech Republic. It received a gold medal at the Brussels Worldwide Invention Exhibition in 1998 and was awarded for its quality among the best Russian markets in 2000, 2001 and 2002. Sistrom's scientific research changes many traditional conceptions. In particular, we offer surface tiles of 5mm thickness with a glossy surface. This result is achieved without thermal treatment, additional polishing of the surface, use of polymeric components and without additional breakage of cement and sand. For the first time in building practices the Sistrom company used polymeric forms for surface tile production. At present time we offer more than 150 types of moulds for tiles of different sizes and pictures for facade and interior facing, side-walk and floor covering, for production of window-sills, steps, monuments, fireplaces, balusters, vases, fences and other small architectural forms and decorative elements. The use of our technologies saves time, money, energy and does not pollute the environment. The technological data causes the variety of decorating modifications, and it is highly regarded by our customers. One production line may be used for the production of different types of goods. The Sistrom technology is used at more than 500 of enterprises in Russia, CIS, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Syria, Poland, Belarus, Niger, Guinea, Algeria, Malaysia, USA, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia

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Country: RUSSIA
City: Moscow
Address: 119331, Russia, Moscow, pr.Vernadskogo 29
Phone: +7 (495) 638-0-639
Fax: +7 (495) 7-888-098
E-mail: nikita@sistrom.com
URL address:
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